Founded in the vibrant city of Montreal, Canada, Substance Studio is both a fine fragrance line and an olfactory branding & scent design studio; a celebration of our often-neglected sense that holds the power to transform moments into memories, and shift the source of that sought-after feeling of nostalgia from the past to the present—the sense of smell.

Substance Studio is a manifestation of our belief in the deeply impactful nature of scent, and was born from the idea that scent is more than an aroma—it's a language that speaks to our emotions. We don't just develop and create fragranced product; we intentionally design experiences.

We recognize the very real connection between scent and energy, and believe in the ability to not only control our internal state with fragrance, but shape the energy of our spaces as well. Substance is the vessel through which we bring this concept to life, with the goal of giving you the power to curate the ambiance that surrounds you.

Our name, Substance Studio, embodies our commitment to creating scents with depth and meaning. It's an homage to our belief that, in channeling our most neglected sense, the sense of smell, we unlock an extra-sensory experience that transcends the limitations of the traditional five senses. A memorable experience that we can't quite define, but that we can definitely feel; that true Moment of Substance. 

Substance, in one word, encapsulates the profound yet indescribable essence of our beings, our experiences, and our creations.

Substance is everything.